In-School Field Trip Proposal Request Form

The Builder Bunch formula begins with us learning about you. The "discovery process" ensures we are tailoring our programs to meet your specific need and interest each time. There is no obligation at this point. We will simply use this information to ensure we’ve presented you with a proposal that best fits your "STEAM-based" need. Each of the easy steps below reflects our years of experience in doing just that. LET'S BUILD!

Step 1: General Info

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Step 2: Marketing

PRINT: We provide you with flyers, posters and yard signs to promote each In-school Field Trip that is being paid by individual student envelope payments. But not only will we print and deliver all of our flyers, we will pre-sort them into groups of 25 for distribution for each teacher.

How many total classrooms do you have? (required)

ONLINE: Digital Marketing is a fantastic way to catch busy parents, which is why we provide custom marketing graphics to add to your Facebook, newsletters and email blasts.

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Step 3: Scheduling

A variety of fun and exciting project topics are offered throughout the year. For each In-School Field Trip, we typically like to visit your school two times. Our first visit is called our Learn Day, when we not only reveal the fantastic LEGO challenge. Our second visit is our Build Day, typically seven days after our Learn Day, and that’s when much anticipated LEGO magic happens.

Pick an In-school Field Trip topic. (required)

LEARN DAY Scheduling **The LEARN Date should be 7 days before your BUILD Date

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BUILD DAY Scheduling

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Step 4: Onsite Logistics

LEARN Day Logistics

Learn Day is like an educational Pep Rally for Build Day. A Builder Bunch team member will come to your school and present the project to each participating class. During our visit we’ll also show the children how to access the webpage with our topic-specific educational content. The ultimate goal is to get your students excited to learn about the topic.

On Learn Day our Builder Bunch team members can introduce the program in one of the three ways below:

A. (Multiple) 15-Minute Mini-Assemblies with each grade level rotating through. (most fun and effective)
B. (1) 20-Minute Assembly Presentation to all participating students.
C. Access to our online prep videos for teachers to present during class.

What is your preferred LEARN Day delivery method from above? (required)

BUILD Day Logistics

Build Day is when the LEGO® bricks come out. We’re prepared to be on campus the entire day taking your students through the building activities. Our schedule accommodates 45-50 minute sessions per participating class. Our preferred In-school Field Trip schedule is below:

9:00 – 9:45am Session #1
9:50 – 10:35am Session #2
10:40 – 11:25am Session #3
11:30 – 12:15am Session #4
12:20 – 1:05pm Session #5
1:10 – 1:55pm Session #6

Does this schedule look agreeable? (required)

We can either set-up field trip room(s) or rotate from class to class with carts Which would you prefer? (required)

It’s crucial to know how many participants we’ll have and what their age groups will be. One build room, managed by one or two of our Master Builders, will be needed for every six groups or classes (30 participants maximum each) rotating through.

What grade levels will be participating? (required)

How many total CLASSES will be participating? (required)

How many participants will be in your largest class? (required)

How many participants will be in your smallest class? (required)

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Step 5: Pricing & Fees

*Note: Becoming a Builder Bunch Community Partner Organization is easy! It is free and enables Builder Bunch to track and reward organizations and students with donations and scholarships. More information regardng this program is detailed below.

There are a number of ways your In-School Field Trip can be funded. The most labor intensive is through an individual student participation fee. Builder Bunch will manage/process all registrations online; regularly updating the school with the registration status. We have also had several organizations choose to leverage various budget sources of their own to cover all or a portion of their expenses.

How do you anticipate that your event will be funded? (required)

If OTHER, Please explain:

If all or part of your event is going to be funded by individual student participants, would you like all registrations to be handled by Builder Bunch online or would you like Builder Bunch to also supply payment slips for cash or check payments?

If all or part of your event is going to be funded by individual student participants, we ask that the parents place payments and payment slips in an envelope with Builder Bunch written on the front.

What location (at the school) should parents/students drop-off their envelopes?

Please add any more check or cash payment directions that we should add to the flyer, if needed:

If all or part of your In-school Field Trip will be funded by organization resources, please provide us with billing information:

Organization Name

Accounts payable contact

AP Phone

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**Schools more than 10 miles outside of the 285 loop may be subject to additional mileage costs.

Step 7: Final Notes

This should be enough information for us to get started putting together a unique plan for your school.

If we didn’t cover everything please add any additional notes below:(required)

Important: Your organization’s promotional support is critical to the success of your program. Once we draft your estimate and proposal, specific mutual responsibilities will be fully outlined.

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Thank you – we are excited to work with you and your Builders!