Who said that a field trip must involve a 40 minute bus ride?

Builder Bunch is Atlanta’s premier In-School Field Trip Program for children who love to learn and play with LEGO® Bricks. Builder Bunch has tailored engineering, art, product design and architectural based LEGO® curriculums to serve as the topic for each semester’s field trip.

The In-School Field Trip Experience.

What are our topic based on?

Our  curriculum options are broken down into 4 main categories.

This series is for LEGO®

builders who are interested in building tall buildings and beautiful homes.

This series is for LEGO® builders who are interested in building fast cars and powerful trucks.

This series is for LEGO® builders who are interested in making wonderful movies and works of art.

This series is for LEGO® builders who are interested in creating gadgets and products.


Note: Our in-school field trips are correlated to Georgia Performance Standards according to grade level and subject area using academically-based curriculum materials. Click below to see the general standards covered in every program:

(GPS) Standards Covered




In-school Field Trip Topic Options:

Each semester we launch a new STEAM-based In-School Field Trip Options for schools to choose from. Each option offers participants a different experience in LEGO® Building.

Click the Topic below to learn more about it:

Bridges 101  

Towers 101  






Dr. Keith Ingram

Principal, Ballground STEM Academy

“Builder Bunch covered all of the standards that we needed and the kids had a blast.”




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