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Chick-fil-A | ADD-ON Contract

Time to get ready for once in a school-year experience in LEGO® building and Chick-fil-A eating. This contract is built to finalize Builder Bunch’s engagement in your school Chick-fil-A Spirit Night. Once signed, we will begin planning your Chick-fil-A Brick Bash Spirit Night. Please complete the form to begin the process:


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Participation Requirements: 

Builder Bunch only does Chick-fil-A Brick Bash ADD-ON’s for schools and organizations that are Community Partners. Don’t worry!!! Community Partnership has no cost, provides annual donations to your organization and only carries the commitment of communicating our partnership to your members and students.

Is your School/Organization a Builder Bunch Community Partner? 


If not, once we recieve this form we email you the Community Partnership Application.


Participation Considerations:

Builder Bunch is commited to building enriching opportunities for fun, education and fundraising. Our partnership with Chick-fil-A is intended to do just that by energizing your Spirit Night so that yowill gain mor participation. With this being the case, the Chick-fil-A Brick Bash ADD-ON is considered a $250.00 in-kind donation to the participating organization. If you choose to participate in this program our staffing and equiptment cost will be considered as a in-kind donation to your organization.

Are you fine with this classificaton of our donation to your Spirit Night? 



Fundraising Options:

With the Spirit Night being a fundraiser we have positioned our participation as a chance to increase the fun and the fundraising. You have the option to make our activity 100% FREE to all participants or to give it a small cost ($1 or $2 dollars) with 75% of that cost going back to your organization as an additional fundraiser. You know your students and parents financial abilities so please consider that as you make your decision. 

Would you like to position the Brick Bash as a fundraising cost based option? 



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