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Bunch Builder Referral Program

The Bunch Builder Referral Program gives kids a chance to bring a bunch of friends while parents earn a bunch of savings. To qualify simply bring 3 friends to a Builder Bunch LEGO® Camp or After School Program.

 How it Works?

 Step 1: Register online for any Builder Bunch Camp or After School Program
Step 2: Send this invitation to all of your friends.
It’s that easy. Once (3) friends have signed up and identified you as the referring party, we will email you a code to redeem for FREE Camp or After School Enrichment Program participation.



What do you mean, by refer? When your friend goes to sign up for a Summer Camp or After School Enrichment Program, they will be required to specify who referred them.
Can my friends join the referral program even if I refer them? Of course, when they register they will have the option to say who they were referred by and if they too would like to participate in the referral program.
How many people can I refer? You can refer as many as you want! For every three referral sign-ups, you will receive one FREE Summer Camp or After School Enrichment Program.
Can I use my voucher towards the camp I already purchased or is it for future camps? You may use your voucher towards any future events. It cannot go towards a camp you have already purchased.
How can I find out how many people I referred have signed up? Call us at our toll-free number for an update on how many referrals you have.