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The Builder Bunch formula begins with us learning about you. Whether you are new to Builder Bunch or you’re having us back for our After School Enrichment Programs, Spirit Nights, In-School Field Trips or Day Camps, this Discovery process ensures we’ve tailored our programs to meet your specific needs and interests each time. There is no obligation at this point, we’ll simply use this information to ensure we’ve presented you with the best fitting STEAM-based LEGO program. Each of the easy steps below reflects our years of experience in doing just that. Let’s build! 

Step 1: Your School

Complete School Name:   


Please provide us with the following information so we can follow up with you as promptly as possible.

Your Full Name:   




Step 2: Marketing

A famous person once said, “Build it and they will come.” Which is nice, but we think we still probably ought to tell them about it too! 

PRINT: We love our electric marketing, but print is still very effective. Because we know how much this directly impacts attendance, we provide you with flyers, posters, yard signs, etc. But not only will we print and deliver all of our flyers, we will pre-sort them for distribution, labeling each quantity by teacher. (What?!? Yes, it’s true. This is totally awesome. 

We prefer to start getting materials circulating as early as six weeks prior to the program.

Will you be able to email us a list of teachers and the quantity of flyer for each? 


What is the best delivery date for your flyers? 

 ONLINE: Digital Marketing is a fantastic way to catch busy parents, which is why we provide custom marketing graphics to add to your Facebook, newsletters and email blasts.

Will your school’s online communication tools be available to market this program?

Your school’s Facebook page? 


Your school / PTA Website? 


Your school’s Newsletter? 


Your school’s Eblast system? 


Does your school have events on campus where kids and parents can learn about our ASEP program? 


If YES, please let us know the event dates and times. If NO, please detail any other ways that we can educate students and parents about our program? 

Step 3: Your Target Dates

For our Builder Bunch STEAM curriculum to be most effective, our ASEP should be held between 10 weeks and 16 weeks; 12 weeks is ideal.

How many weeks per term would you perfer our ASEP to run?   

Preferred start date?   

Preferred end date?   

How many days per week can we conduct our program?   

What day(s) of the week would you prefer?

First Choice: 

Second Choice:   

Our experience shows that we need at least one solid hour of dedicated building time per class to deliver a spectacular experience to your students.We also know that kids have a far more enjoyable and productive experience when they are able to build with kids within their same developmental level. This is why we offer staggered sessions, grades K-2 the first hour and 3-5 the second hour. 

  • 2:30-3:35 grades K-2
  • 3:404:45 grades 3-5

Would we be able to follow this staggered approach at your school?

What time frame should the first session start and end?  

What time frame should the second session start and end?   

If the stagger approach will not fit for your school, please let us know your suggestions on splitting the grades up?


Please let us know the dates of your semester breaks?   


 Step 4: Onsite Logistics

We typically use spaces that have configurable tables and chairs, such as classrooms and media centers, however we can be flexible, as long as the room can comfortably accommodate up to 24 participants at a time.

Where will we hold our ASEP (classroom, cafeteria, media room, etc.)?   

Will we have access to the school’s WiFi during the ASEP? 



Will there be available space for securing our equipment between ASP sessions on-site? 


We believe strongly in good communication regarding our participants, which is why we take daily attendance at the beginning of each class and supply that information as quickly as possible to the appropriate personnel on campus.

What are the procedures for transitioning students to and from our ASEP location?  


The more we know about each student and their after school routine the better. We typically request the full and preferred names of our students, as well as their age, grade level, homeroom teacher’s name and transportation. 

Please list additional information you’d like us to request during ASEP registration. 


Step 5: Pricing & Fees

Because there are so many variables involved in determining how to estimate pricing we cannot list the exact fee schedule, however our experience shows us that approximately using the approximate rate of $15-$17.50 per participant, per class is a pretty safe way to estimate cost. 

What price per semester, per participant would you suggest, based on your other enrichment programs?

There are a number of ways your After School Enrichment Program can be funded. The most labor intensive is through an individual student participation fee, which Builder Bunch handles for you. We process all registrations online and regularly updating the school with our figures. We’ve also had several organizations choose to leverage various budget sources of their own to cover all or a portion of the ASEP expenses for their students.

How do you anticipate your ASEP will be funded? 


Please explain:   

If all or part of your event is going to be funded by individual student participants, would you like all registrations to be handled by Builder Bunch online or would you like Builder Bunch to also supply payment envelopes as well? 


If all or part of your ASEP will be funded by organization resources, please provide us with billing information:

Organization Name:   


Do you charge a vendor fee? 


If YES, Please explain your fee structure?   



Step 6: Staffing

What are your student-to- instructor ratio guidelines?   

Is a school staff member or parent volunteer required to be in-class during ASEP? 



Step 7: Final Notes

This should be enough information for us to get started putting together a unique plan for your school.

If we didn’t cover everything please add any additional notes below:


Important: Your organization’s promotional support is critical to the success of your event. Once we draft your estimate, and finally your contract, specific mutual responsibilities will be fully outlined.

Do you believe we will have support from your organization to make this event fantastic?

If you would like to learn more about other Builder Bunch programs, please select all that apply. I would like information about:  

Becoming a Community Partnership


Hosting a School Break Camp at your school

Scheduling a Spring Spirit Night Fundraiser

Scheduling an In-SchoolField Trip


Also, please also let us know who else we should be familiar with at your school – whose opinions will matter in delivering our ASEP’s at your school. For example: school administrators, such as your Principal, as well as other volunteer officers, such as PTA Co-Presidents, ASEP Committee Chair’s, etc.

Full name:   




Thanks you so much – we are excited to work with you and your Builders!


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